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Taken by the Minotaur Series
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Warning : this 6. Adult readers only! The Minotaur was immense, eight feet tall or more, and that was without the long, wickedly curving horns sprouting from his forehead.

His strong legs ended in great black hooves, and he also had a tail, long and narrow like a whip, ending in a tuft of black hair. As before, the Minotaur was violently aroused. His great shaft reared up, emerging from a brown sheath, the purple head engorged and wet. Theseus involuntarily licked his lips.

The maleficent force in the Dragonlance series is Chaos who is determined to destroy Krynn. Within Krynn are several beings including dragons, humans, elves, dwarves, kender, gnomes and minotaur. Dragonlances are weapons that were created to destroy evil dragons. Destroying dragons is a feat that is otherwise impossible to accomplish for mortals. The main character is Huma Dragonbane who is a knight. One day he is separated from his comrades.

While attempting to find his way back, he discovers a group of goblins who captured the minotaur Kaz. He saves the minotaur and they become good friends. Huma and Kaz go on to meet many battles and challenges. The Legend of Huma is actually a prequel to the rest of the original Dragonlance trilogy. The central theme in his Dragonlance books is about never giving up.


Another bestselling series by Knaak is the Diablo series which s set in the fictional world of Santuary. The Sin War is the title of the series and it tells the story of Uldyssian who discovers he has strange powers.

Cretan Chronicles

The first book takes place before the Diablo video games. As he discovers his strange powers other bizarre things start to happen.

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More people die due to strange occurrences. He and his powers are eventually blamed for the terrible tragedies and he must slip away and hide. He meets a stranger named Lylia who helps him harness his new powers and explains that they are gifts he must accept.

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Richard Knaak has achieved almost everything a fantasy writer could wish for in his career. His career has extended over a quarter of century and he is renowned for his worlds in Conan and Dragonlance and his own epic fantasies series, the world of Dragonrealm. Dragonrealm consists of thirteen kingdoms that area ruled by a shape-shifting Dragon King. The Dragonrealm is a place of fantastic creatures both good and evil. The dragons in this series are the epitome of fantasy and magic. They are magnificent creatures who always take command.

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He says it does not feel like limitations are being placed on his imagination. Jack Reacher is back! The latest book in this extremely popular series, called Blue Moon , arrives on bookshelves on October 29th. All Jack wants is to help an old couple and suddenly he is in the middle of a brutal gang war. Yep that sounds like Reacher.

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Taken by the Vikings Trilogy: 3 Book Bundle

Richard Knaak Books In Order. The Legend of Huma Beschreibung bei Amazon. Kaz, The Minotaur Beschreibung bei Amazon.

Claimed by the Vikings Series by Isabel Dare

Five books are nominated in each category. Glimmer and another girl, the one from District 4, are not so lucky. Some two hundred years before Cabe Bedlam became thrust into the machinations of the Dragon Kings, his grandfather Nathan led a band of wizard Most of the squad are killed along the way, including recently married Finnick. Business Writing Skills. Live Events Online Courses.

Land of the Minotaurs Beschreibung bei Amazon. Reavers of the Blood Sea Beschreibung bei Amazon.