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July 28, 12222 Lord, Teach Us to Pray
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See if there are any conditions, any restrictions on it.

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In James we have eight tests that you can apply when you want to know if an idea is from God or not. And this is just one of a number of tests you can apply. It is impartial and it's sincere. Is this idea right? Confess it to God.

Get yourself in neutral gear and ask God to reveal it through your desires. Take those desires to the Bible and say, "God, does this square with the scripture? Listen for God to give you a personal promise, a rhema. Listen for God to speak to you. You don't just go to the Bible and pick out a promise at random. You've heard me tell before of the guy who did that.

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He said, "God, what's Your will today? Listen for God. Prayerfully read the word of God and wait for God to speak to you. The rhema , the personal word that God gives you about your situation will come in a variety of circumstances or ways. It might come just through Bible reading. You're reading the Bible and all of a sudden a verse applies in a new way. It may be in a Bible study group. That's why you need to be involved in Bible study, because you get more of the word. Your prayer life is never stronger than your understanding of Scripture.

It may be on a tape.

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It may be a radio program. Or you turn on the tv and there it is. I've had things happen to me I've got rhemas off of records.

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One time I was discouraged and praying, "I don't know if it's wrong to be discouraged or not. Would You tell me if it's wrong to be discouraged or is it ok? Should I just accept it? When the pastor came in, he accidentally put it on the opposite side. There was a sermon on "Discouragement" by Jerry Falwell. It was like an arrow to my heart. I sat there weeping. Here's a record answering a question I just mentioned to God a few minutes earlier when I was really in despair.


Jan 29, Explore KiLiJae's board "Just Pray About it!", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Christianity quotes, Prayer and Prayers. “Just Pray About It”. I have heard this a lot. Whether someone is having family problems, financial problems, unemployment problems, faith.

It was a rhema. You never know where it's going to come in. It may be a friend. A friend may say a word that they don't even realize. Confess to God. Get in neutral gear.

Then say, "God, reveal Your will to me through my desires. Give me the desire to do the right thing. Ninety-five percent of Christians never hear God speak to them personally because they're too busy, in a hurry. We want God to give us an answer in five seconds! And God takes longer because He wants to prepare us.

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He wants to change us, get us ready. God speaks to the person who is willing to take the time to listen. If we're in a hurry, "I need to know whether to move or not and I need to know in the next thirty seconds! Are you willing to wait, to listen? Wait until God speaks to you.

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Don't get impatient. Listen for God to give you a personal word. After you've got the verse and it will pop out at you, come to you somehow, someway, in due time and after you've got that assurance, then Claim it, believe it, know it's going to happen. You can pray very specifically. You can start thanking God in prayer because the promise is the answer. Start thanking Him. Remember during school, the math books that had the answers at the end of the book? You could work out the equation, figure out the answer, then go back and check it in the back.

What you'd did was go back and find the answer and knowing where you were supposed to end up, try to figure out how to do the equation. You know where you're going to end up, so you try to figure out how to get there. That's the way prayer works.

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God gives you a promise and says, "Yes, I'm going to answer. I'm freezing to death. Would you please send me a coat like I wrote you in the letter? You don't have any doubt about it. It's on the way. That's how it is with prayer. God gives you a promise to claim and you can say, "Thanks, Lord!


And it changed my life nd I was born again. Most people on your friends list do not want to see you succeed, remember that. Places You'll Pray Play video. For some people, an 'answer' seems to come in a tangible way, whether it is a strong feeling about the right direction or an internal sense of direction. Social media has made us an ugly person. Lift others up in prayer as they face hard times. First, you confess your sins -- Get right with God, make sure everything's in harmony.

I haven't gotten it yet but I know it's on the way because You said it. You've given me a rhema. You've spoken to my heart and I know it's going to happen. It's simply a matter of timing. Often God will send little confirmations by circumstances during that waiting period.

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After you've already made the commitment and you've already taken the step of faith, He gives you little confirmations. One thing, I'd wrote a letter to a man in charge of directing churches in these areas telling him I was going to come and he at the same time was writing me a letter asking me to come. We didn't know about each other's letters. We got here in January of and a man called me up one day, a total stranger. He said "My name is Bill Grady. I live in Fullerton. We've never met before but I understand you're starting a new church.