Ion-Pair Chromatography and Related Techniques (Analytical Chemistry)

Application of Ion Pairing Chromatography to the Analysis of Inorganic Analytes: Review
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This chapter will provide an overview that includes the early history of the technique and examples of various applications Ion chromatography application areas-this chapter will provide exemplary applications beyond applications included in prior chapters. Ion Chromatography: Instrumentation, Techniques and Applications, Volume 13 in the series Separation Science and Technology , provides a modern overview of all aspects of ion chromatography instrumentation and chemistry techniques, including the historical backdrop of some of the key developments.

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Most existing books on ion chromatography are focused on single column ion chromatography rarely used today or applications, or are outdated. This book covers the broad range of technologies in use and explains the advantages of each, helping both experienced and new practitioners to choose the method they need.

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Ion-Pair Chromatography and Related Techniques - CRC Press Book. Series: Analytical Chemistry. CRC Press Published October 15, Reference - Ion-Pair Chromatography and Related Techniques Academy of Chromatography, Sweden From the Analytical Chemistry Series. Edited by.

The editors of this book have all played a key role in the success of ion chromatography at Dionex Corporation, the undisputed leader in ion chromatography for more than 40 years, and are in a unique position to describe both the technology and its applications. Ion chromatography is the technique of choice for analyzing ionic or ionizable compounds in various industries, such as pharmaceuticals and food. In addition it is very useful for monitoring cationic or anionic impurities in drinking water.

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Analytical chemists who are either new to the subject or need a refresher on the current technology. Christopher has 40 years of experience with ion exchange chromatography and has worked for Dionex, the industry leader in this field, for more than 35 years where he has been actively involved in ion chromatography research and development. He holds more than 80 US patents with numerous foreign equivalents, most of which are related to the field of ion chromatography.

He is author or co-author of more than published articles and eight chapters. He joined SKB organization from academia. His primary activity was in molecular biology and chemical carcinogenesis while working in academia. After joining industry he worked mostly in analytical chemistry and biochemistry, and he published more than papers in peer reviewed Journals and holds more than 40 US issued patents.

He worked for Novartis Corp. As president of Ahuja Consulting, he advises on water quality issues relating to chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Ahuja has published numerous papers and more than 20 books. Kannan has over 25 years of experience working with chemistry and separation sciences. His expertise is in the field of chromatography and associated detection methodologies, electrically driven processes, water purification and related monitoring technologies, and extraction and multi-dimensional separations.


Wang , M. He has over 40 U. Ion-Pair Chromatography IPC is a rapidly evolving method for difficult analyses of organic and inorganic ions and ionogenic, neutral, and zwitterionic compounds. Operating parameters are adjusted to maximize the effect of this difference. Chapters describe in a complex and detailed manner the parameters important for optimization of the final IPC results. The stability [ 6 ] and bioavailability [ 7 , 8 ] of the drugs can be improved. Furthermore, the polarity of the organic solvent in the mobile phase is shown to have a great influence on the IPC results.

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For Instructors Request Inspection Copy. Ion-Pair Chromatography IPC is a rapidly evolving method for difficult analyses of organic and inorganic ions and ionogenic, neutral, and zwitterionic compounds. The possibilities for this technology continue to grow as novel ion-pair reagents and strategies are introduced at an accelerated level. Compensating for a dearth in the literature, Ion-Pair Chromatography and Related Techniques details the basics and the evolution of this established and easily tunable technique and explains its influence on similar methods.

Providing a thorough exploration of the multiplicity of interactions involved in an IPC system, this book emphasizes the progress from theoretical modeling to application. It explores the practical potential of IPC in the life science, medicine, pharmacology, forensic, food, and environmental sectors. It examines the upgrade of column technology and instrumentation to improve data quality and to increase sample throughput.

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The book also compares IPC to other instrumental methods of analysis and discusses the rising importance of the ion-pair concept in different analytical techniques. IPC has the potential to have lasting impact in the field of chromatography. Distilling the knowledge gained from preeminent research, this volume is a critical resource that is destined to stimulate future endeavors by separation scientists working in the area of high performance liquid chromatography.

Teresa Cecchi earned a Ph.

Ion Chromatography, Volume 13

She focused on environmental chemistry at Institute Fresenius Gruppe, Germany and served as a consultant to food chemistry laboratories. After working as a researcher at Camerino University on the SUPREME project titled "Pigmentation in South American Camelids," she concentrated on ion pairing chromatography; her major research interests encompass many aspects of this technique including retention modeling, unusual analytes such as zwitterions, and application of this technique to non-separative functions.

Cecchi is also involved in "Teaching of Experimental Sciences" and "Scientific Master Degrees," two projects whose purposes are, respectively, to improve the methodologies of teaching physical sciences, and to encourage students to study scientific subjects.

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She is the author of over 50 research articles, reviews, congress lectures, and other communications and was the corresponding author of an article that received an award from the Italian Research Evaluation Panel. The reader will find a discussion of all aspects of IPC, beginning with the theoretical basis of this technique and its retention mechanism. The author introduces to the reader all the issues connected with stationary phases, ionpair reagents, organic modifiers, the pH of the eluent, temperature, and various detection techniques which may be used in IPC.

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