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Go Beyond Networking. Build Relationships.
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Why Taking Initiative will make you RICH - Beyond Networking - #012

Powered by Automated Campus. Use social media. Reach out to contacts on sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn. Target companies you want to work for and convince someone who already works there to believe in you. E-mail people you know at the company and ask them to refer you for the job, Asher said.

Go Beyond Networking and Facebook, Try Speed Friending

At the very least, ask that they personally hand your resume to the appropriate hiring manager. This is why someone vouching for you means so much.

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Inquire about types of jobs, not openings. It was a job he would not have even known about.

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Go Beyond Networking - Kindle edition by Ed Adamowicz, Gary Contic, Joanne Dunn. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets . Ever go to a networking event where someone you meet presses their business card into your hand? This one fleeting gesture creates a long-lasting negative.

Asher recommends including specific words from the job posting in your resume to increase your chances of being considered. Many companies have computers that screen resumes and sort the ones that best match the job posting.

Beyond Networking: How to Be a Connector in Business

For example, she said, the name of a competitor on your resume will likely catch the eye of the computer and then, hopefully, someone with the power to hire. Asher recommends stopping by every 10 days. Skip to main content Go beyond networking to get a job.

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Whatever you do, remain professional. There seem to be far more ways to get to me than there used to be. Get out. You will receive highly relevant business networking tips, new articles, as well as information about events and promotions which will help to increase the number of profitable introductions you, or your network, receive. Enter the code as shown below:. Sign in to chat! Log in.