Amazing Monty

Amazing Monty
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But otherwise, he tries not to let his condition get in his way. Monty has another challenge in his young life: he tends to be a bit shy.

Tribute to the Amazing Monty Oum - Best Moments (1981 - 2015)

He doesn't like standing up in front of crowds, fearful that he'll make a mistake and get mocked by others. One day, his teacher announces that the class is going to put on a play about helping the environment, and Monty gets the part of a tree.

He's allowed to choose which type of tree he'd like to be, and all the students make their own costumes. Monty is so nervous to deliver his lines before an audience, but the class practices very hard. But what if he messes up and everyone laughs at him? Meanwhile, two neighbor girls who take karate class invite Monty to join them. Monty's parents are worried that the karate will be too much for his asthma, but they agree to give it a try.

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Monty Morris is about to experience a wide variety of adventures on the day he takes his first-grade class's attendance sheet to the school office. He is such an. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. K-Gr 2–Monty is having an exciting year. There are new class pets, a not-so-nice substitute teacher, a new.

Monty does have a bit of trouble keeping up, though he sticks with it. Then comes the exhibition, where the students stand up in front of their family and friends to show what they've learned. Monty's shyness kicks back in, and he's afraid.

He won't even have a tree costume to hide behind. Will he be able to face his fears?

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This third title in the series also stands on its own. He will appeal to like-minded kids who may not always identify with brash characters.

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